Heartbroken hubby laments wife’s web of lies

The Riverdale Press

July 19, 2007

By Tommy Hallissey

Rare is the spouse who is completely truthful, but Nirmala Parmasar wove a fabric of lies to her husband that was so egregious it could land her in jail for many years. “She claimed she loved me, but those were only words,” said a despondent Michael Braverman, speaking with The Press in his modest apartment at 80 Knolls Crescent.

He still remembers the day Ms. Parmasar told him, “I have cancer and I need money to go to California where I can get good treatment,” according to a criminal complaint on file with the Bronx district attorney’s office.

But, according to police, the healthy woman used the cash — Mr. Braverman estimates it totaled $144,000 — to underwrite her relationship with a second husband in South Ozone Park, Queens.

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Vandals hit more cars

The weekly Police Beat column at The Riverdale Press kept a running tab on neighborhood crimes, but it also held the police accountable for the reporting of crimes. This February 2008 article told the story of how auto break-in statistics were under-reported by the police. 

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